Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stir Crazy.

Today is rainy and after enjoying the nice weather for so many days, I don't feel like staying indoors. So...the 3yr. old and I will go shopping for running shoes. Which is technically indoors, but it's different when you're not home, ya know? Mine have pounded the pavement one too many times and it's time to go see what the world has to offer in a size 11. That narrows my choices significantly, just so you know.

Image via Golberz @ Bluebird Vintage.


Good Girls Studio said...

You'd probably have better luck finding them online but that of course wouldn't get you out of the house! Sending some sunshine your way!

stareid10 said...

Thanks for the comment! Like your blog lots. : ) Hope the weather turns out nice for your spring break!


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